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Plastic moulds are formed by cooling after injection moulding, while hardware moulds are formed by cold backing of steel plates with standard thickness

The Difference between Hardware Stamping Die and Plastic Processing Die

1、Hardware stamping die is a special tool used in industrial production to produce parts or products of required shape from metal materials by means of pressure with various presses and special tools mounted on the press. This special tool is collectively called hardware stamping die, and the products processed are Five-metal stamping parts


2. Plastic processing mould is a kind of combined plastic mould for compression, extrusion, injection, blow and low foaming. It mainly includes a die with a variable cavity composed of a combined die base plate, a die assembly and a combined die plate. A punch with a variable core is composed of a combined die base plate, a punch assembly, a combined punch plate, a cavity truncation assembly and a side truncation assembly plate. Coordination of convex, concave die and auxiliary forming system. It can process series plastic parts of different shapes and sizes.

3. The essential difference between them is that the metal products are produced in the metal stamping die and the plastic products are produced in the plastic mould. Moreover, the structure of the mould is different. The plastic mould has a cooling system, but the metal mould has no cooling system. The forming principle of products is also different. Plastic mold is cooling after injection, and hardware mold is cold backlog forming of steel plate with standard thickness.

4. From the function of the mould, the hardware mould is a batch production tool for metal products. The materials used are usually iron or copper or aluminum. The plastic mould is made of plastic products, and the raw materials used are also plastic materials.

The difference between metal stamping dies and plastic processing dies is introduced first. From the die itself, simple hardware dies, such as blanking and punching holes, are better to start with, but for some composite dies and high-precision products, it is more difficult, such as terminals, flanging and folding asynchronous multi-step type, stretching type, automobile cover type. And even the basic two-plate mould is not easy to start, because the knowledge involved is broader, mainly because the engineering analysis is not easy to grasp, and there are many types of moulds, such as injection molding, compression molding, blow molding, etc. But after starting, it is more familiar with some structural and manufacturing accuracy and process problems, such as various core-pulling, threading, double-color, multi-color, gas-assisted, bottles. Zhongbottle and other products with high precision requirements like hardware, such as clocks and gears.