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May, 9th, 2020 Saturday 16:04 PM

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Three Main Methods of Surface Treatment in Precision Hardware Processing:Painting, Electroplating and Polishing

Three methods of surface treatment for precision hardware processing:

1. Spray paint


    Spraying paint is a step that many hardware manufacturers take when processing finished products, especially in some relatively large products. Spray paint can not only make products not easy to rust, but also some special spray paint can produce some other effects, so that the product performance is better.




2. Polishing

Polishing is to keep the appearance of products, so precision hardware processing technology is widely used in our daily necessities, especially in some products which are easy to pill and burr, polishing is a necessary step.


3. Electroplating

Electroplating is also a relatively flexible process for precision hardware processing, which is widely used in the current hardware product processing. The use of this process is very good for the anti-rust property of the product surface, which can make the product work normally and steadily for a long time.

The above three methods are three commonly used methods for surface treatment of precision hardware processing. Of course, we can choose different methods according to different needs